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yea, i’m related to this cutie

Just couldn’t resist!!


Lindsey, my niece :)


bored at work

Never gets old:


Isn’t she adorable :)

if you know somethin’ well, you can always paint it but people would be better off buyin’ chickens

Thomas and I have been spending weekends working on his house – so here is a status update. We have painted like crazy – green in the kitchen/master, burnt orange office. Then on top of that, off-white on every. single. wall. We also installed all new cabinets in the kitchen, new flooring in almost every single room. Pretty much tore his house apart and slowly putting it back together. Hopefully the majority of it will be completed by Labor Day weekend – and then move TK in soon thereafter. It is such the perfect little house – I’m sure that we will be having a house warming party soon!

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my day just un-improved

damn WB. 

I realize that was announced over a week ago.  I have just been in mourning since and unable to fully come to terms with the fact that I will be waiting even longer for HP.  And I got so excited about the trailer!  What a tease…

make me the breath of God

“…once you’ve traveled to other countries and actually lived with the people there, you realize that God isn’t American. Nor is He white, or republican or vegetarian or Baptist or Pentecostal or Texas or fire and brimstone. You can’t recognize God with your physical eyes. You can only see him with your heart…He turned my world upside down so that I might land upside right, feet hitting the pavement, and running fast with a fierce grip of freedom. I’m learning that God doesn’t come to shatter us necessarily, but rather the false things that hold our hearts captive. God only moves things out of the way that we might be free; and live life fully alive…”

I am so blessed.

100 factoids

Thanks to Sara who came by this great idea (yes, I stalk your blog)… I too decided to bust out with my own top 100 things that you might have not known about me.  

1) I love TFK.

2) I love Jesus.

3) I’m a member of the brat pack.

4) My top 5 favorite movies are Grease, Mary Poppins, The Way We Were, Annie Hall, When Harry Met Sally and Beaches (okay, 6 favorite movies).

5) I try to read a book a week.

6) My favorite gift is a hand blown glass flower Thomas got me from Prague.

7) I quote the Office constantly.

8) I bleed burnt orange – HOOK ‘EM!!!!!!

9) I have an adorable dog, Sadie.

10) I will never move away from Texas (knock on wood).

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