100 factoids

Thanks to Sara who came by this great idea (yes, I stalk your blog)… I too decided to bust out with my own top 100 things that you might have not known about me.  

1) I love TFK.

2) I love Jesus.

3) I’m a member of the brat pack.

4) My top 5 favorite movies are Grease, Mary Poppins, The Way We Were, Annie Hall, When Harry Met Sally and Beaches (okay, 6 favorite movies).

5) I try to read a book a week.

6) My favorite gift is a hand blown glass flower Thomas got me from Prague.

7) I quote the Office constantly.

8) I bleed burnt orange – HOOK ‘EM!!!!!!

9) I have an adorable dog, Sadie.

10) I will never move away from Texas (knock on wood).

11) I love engineering.

12) My favorite colors are red and green.

13) My favorite holiday is Christmas.

14) In college, I would fall asleep to Dodgeball every night.

15) Every day I read Dilbert and articles on CNN.com, religiously.

16) I like to koala. 

17) I hate yogurt, jell-o, and basically anything of that consistency.

18) It is exactly 170 miles from my apartment to Thomas’ house.

19) I struggle with just being myself.

20) Hands down, my favorite food is queso.

21) I cry every time I watch The Notebook.

22) I daydream about my wedding, dream house, and babies all the time (sorry TK!). 

23) I should be on the Food Network – but only so I can meet Paula and Duff.

24) If Jason Mraz proposed, I would say yes.

25) The same goes for James Marsden.

26) I’m saving up to go back-packing through Italy.

27) I crave EZ’s Alamo Bowl.

28) I Facebook daily.

29) I love how my nephew and nieces say my name. 

30) Banana Republic is a weakness.

31) I pass the time by watching Whose Line Is It Anyways reruns.

32) I love Harry Potter – I randomly say “accio” when I’m too lazy to get up and get something.

33) I have never dyed my hair.

34) I love musicals.  I LOVE musicals.  

35) I have over 5000+ songs on my computer – and even more pictures.

36) I made it a point to watch every movie on AFI’s Top 100 list this past year.

37) I never take off the necklace that Thomas got me for my 23rd birthday.

38) I stop watching the evening news after 5 people have been murdered – normally after the top story.

39) I wish I could take naps every day. 

40) I hope that I have twins one day.

41) I love sending (and receiving!) snail mail.

42) I have my grandfather’s veteran American flag framed.

43) I eat Pho once a week. Sometimes twice.

44) I have a weakness for Dr. Pepper.

45) I have the best family a girl could ask for.

46) I am constantly planning trips to NYC (next one: 11/20-11/23!)

47) I wish I was brave enough to move to NYC. 

48) I love that Thomas works with his hands.

49) I’m not really a fan of make-up.

50) I only applied to UT.

51) I love roller coasters.

52) I think facial hair is HOT.

53) I want to live at the lake.

54) I go to South Padre Island every summer with Thomas’ family.

55) I’m allergic to bananas and melons.

56) I love my Wii Fit.

57) I wish I could adopt every dog in the shelter.

58) I started drinking coffee as a young kid to be just like my dad.

59) I read way too many gossip magazines and blogs.

60) I sleep under one of my Nana’s quilts.

61) I miss my Nana.

62) I love that I have to dress up for work.

63) I have never gotten a ticket (knock on wood).

64) I went to Camp Longhorn.

65) I have never actually been camping.

66) Sushi is yummy.

67) I LOVE Tiffany’s.

68) I attempt to be artistic.

69) I am so glad I begged Thomas for the Waterford nativity.

70) My parents have given me more that I can imagine.

71) I have always loved Birkenstocks.

72) I wish I played sports.

73) AIM taught me how to type when I was in junior high.

74) I have a Mac computer, iPhone, 3 iPods, and Apple TV.

75) I truly believe my friends are beautiful inside and out.

76) I wish my sister and I were closer earlier in our lives.

77) I wish I was closer to my brother.

78) I am ticklish.

79) I love a good laugh.

80) My favorite book is A Tale of Two Cities.

81) I was sitting in yearbook class when 9/11 occurred.

82) I will own a pair of CL’s one day.

83) I wish I still took yoga classes.

84) If I’m wearing jeans, guaranteed they’re Sevens.

85) Sometimes I just need a hug.

86) I am scared of losing Thomas.

87) I need to clean out my closet and donate about half of its contents.

88) My Texas accent comes out when I say “night”… “bye”… “right”…

89) I hate doing the dishes.

90) I love shopping for lingerie.

91) I make a mean fried rice.

92) My parents were high school sweethearts.

93) I wish I knew another language.

94) I need to start eating healthier.

95) I don’t care if The Hills is scripted.

96) I wish I could be a professional photographer.

97) Alphabetical order is the best order.

98) I’m a planner.

99) I hate scary, suspenseful movies.

100) I love TFK.


One response to “100 factoids

  1. you need to make me some fried rice. which means we actually have to hang out some time soon. :) you can stalk my blog any day. i should probably post something new now that i think of it…

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