make me the breath of God

“…once you’ve traveled to other countries and actually lived with the people there, you realize that God isn’t American. Nor is He white, or republican or vegetarian or Baptist or Pentecostal or Texas or fire and brimstone. You can’t recognize God with your physical eyes. You can only see him with your heart…He turned my world upside down so that I might land upside right, feet hitting the pavement, and running fast with a fierce grip of freedom. I’m learning that God doesn’t come to shatter us necessarily, but rather the false things that hold our hearts captive. God only moves things out of the way that we might be free; and live life fully alive…”

I am so blessed.


One response to “make me the breath of God

  1. singlendacity89

    This was simply Beautiful! The wonderfulness of HIS creation.. G-d is there In the Midst of everything..

    As you said, G-d was there when things were going wrong, that is when HE was letting you know all you had to do was call on HIM and HE will be right there!!
    We serve a wonderful glorious G-d!


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