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nothing like developing an allergy… at 24…

I am allergic to beer. Boo.

It started small.  I was in LOVE with Shiner. LOVE. Then it betrayed me. I gave it another chance. I mean, I had to! Sadie is from there! Betrayed me again. Oh and again.

Move on to various weekends (including this latest one) where I socially drink one night and lay in bed incapacitated for the entire next day. It began with just an hour or two the next day… then I would surface after lunch… then not until after dinner. I realize that this may be confused with just a normal hangover – but I can have 1 drink and it ruin my day. Something was seriously wrong.

After I rocked the pain of another death day this past Saturday, I vowed to go to the doctor to find out what the deal was!  My back was pricked with all sorts of goodies – including some fruits and veggies – and found out that indeed, I am allergic to not only hops but also barley. AWESOME.

The other option (or in addition to): I may have developed a deficiency of the enzyme Aldehyde dehydrogenase. It helps break down alcohol after it is consumed and can result in flushing reactions after consuming alcohol which may include nausea and rapid heart rate. I experience both. And not only is my heart rate rapid, it palpitates. Really cool.

So there it is, world, no more of the brewsky for me (except for Coors Light – it’s mainly water anyway)!! Hope Thomas still loves me. And the meds just kicked in to counteract the reaction. I’m outtttt —–xoxo

good laugh

Thanks, Adi :)