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books, books, and more books

Yes, I am still working on my 100 books in one year challenge… and man alive. I mean, I realize that it was an ambitious goal, but I had no idea! As of now, I am behind average having only finished 14 books — yes, that’s way behind average. But I figure that some will pick up come beach season so fingers crossed! Until then, I will keep on pushing on. It is getting to the point though where I am having to write not only when (and if) I finish the book but also a little synopsis about the book to refresh my memory.

In retrospect, I wish I would have just made the goal of 100 books and not picked them all out beforehand.  I have come across some great reads that didn’t make my list that I have been sneaking onto my bookshelf — or into my Kindle — as well.  One of those books that I read a book which happened to not be on my list was Same Kind of Different As Me by Ron Hall and Denver Moore. I HIGHLY recommend it!

It’s the story of an international art dealer, used to living a lavish lifestyle, being thrown into volunteer work by his grounded wife.  It is there where the couple meet Denver, a modern day slave, who is homeless and removed from society as a whole. Deborah, the wife, has overwhelming feelings of faith and love that lead her to realize that Denver and Ron, her husband, should become friends. It is there that their stories intertwine; they realize the necessity for each other and what love and friendship truly feels like.

It is a griping book through the end that brought tears to my eyes. It’s refreshing to read about others beliefs and how, in turn, that allows them to have such huge propensities for love. YOU MUST READ IT!

too funny!

Thanks US Weekly for this:

The Office‘s Rainn Wilson — next up in Monsters vs. Aliens (out March 27) — filled out the “25 Things” Facebook chain letter for Us Weekly.

1. I would make a beautiful woman.
2. My wife is way funnier than I am.
3. I once thought it would be a good idea to be a pipe smoker like Sherlock Holmes or The Hef. I was 19.
4. I am “just not that into” seeing that new dating movie.
5. I know why the caged bird sings. To make female birds think he’s sensitive.
6. I believe I can fly. I believe I can touch the sky. This causes a lot of injuries for me.
7. I’ve got 99 problems and a fish ain’t one of them.
8. Fact: My mother wanted to name me Thucydides.
9. Maize: My people call it corn.
10. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop? One, with my ­incredibly acidic saliva.
11. I believe in universal health care for every planet except Earth.
12. Unlike most, I feel John Oates is overrated.
13. I am 6-foot-1 and 5/6 inches.
14. I frigging hate negative people. They suck.
15. I once took a girl on a date and refused to pay for her movie ticket because, as a feminist, I was ideologically opposed to the idea. Never saw her again. I was 19.
16. If I see a fire extinguisher, I have to play with it.
17. When I was a child, I stepped on my pet gerbil, Frederick. My dad gave him a funeral flush.
18. I think Mary Todd Lincoln was a ­stone-cold fox.
19. I always thought the lyrics to “Jet ­Airliner” by the Steve Miller Band went “Big ol’ Chad and the lineup.”
20. I once put my left foot in while ­doing the hokeypokey and was unable to take it out for three days.
21. I’m an expert juggler, chess player and Call of Duty sniper.
22. I dance like a girl when Madonna‘s “Into the Groove” comes on.
23. Fact: My two favorite shows are Lost and Sesame Street.
24. My stunt double on The Office is a marionette.
25. I wish there was a Home Surgery Network.”

Haha!!  Oh he sure does make me laugh…

my morning

To start, since I have been collectively moving for over a month now, I have been living surrounded by boxes and the like. So, it comes as no surprise that I have this urge to get unpacking over with as soon as possible — an urge so strong that I woke up this morning at the crack of dawn just to get started on my day off (woo-hoo!). I have been unpacking at least 2 boxes a day since last weekend so I am in the home stretch and thus have moved to decorating which is WAY more fun! Today, I decided to organize my DVD’s on my new shelf — which leads into the following Type-A personality self realization:

I always knew I was a little Type A BUT I believe this just solidifies it. To start, I alphabetized my DVD’s then proceeded to index them in Excel. From there, I sorted by title and crossed checked my shelf against Excel to ensure they were actually in order.  It was early so I figured that I would have some misplacements but nope, they were right.

Back to Excel, I wrote a macro (my engineering coming through) to cross check my DVD’s with Thomas, which I had already alphabetized and indexed in Excel a couple of months ago, to see if there were any multiples – found we only have 4 the same! Then, I looked up some of the DVDs on Amazon to see the prices, took an average sampling – I’m not that crazy to look up every movie (though it was considered) – and calculated about what I have spent on DVDs. Let’s just say that since I have 118 DVD’s, I have spent way too much!


What’s even worse is that a pretty high percentage of these aren’t even open! Dannnng me and my shopping habits!


I just read Meg’s blog from her weekend and I just thought MY weekend was full. Geez. Lemme see…

To start, I moved! I now live in the ‘burbs, super close to work. It’s very three’s company with me being the odd one out but I am so excited! It is so nice to not only be close to work but also in a house with a backyard for Sadie to frolic in. It took me nearly all week to get everything out of the old apartment — plus Thomas, Huynh (new roomie!), and two movers — which brings me to this past weekend.

No apparently I do no take stress well. I think Thomas and I fought the most this weekend than we ever have in the past 3 years. But, come on! Definitely a test of my patience. I just don’t understand why I have to be the one that makes decisions. Just pick up a box, pack, tape, and move. I don’t care how or what… it all has to come with me anyways. So just get it done! Ahhhhh.

So, I packed and packed just in time for Saturday morning when the movers got there! I mainly had them do all of my furniture — except my bed — and take it to storage. 2 guys, 3 hours, and $275 later, I came to the conclusion it was COMPLETELY worth it! We packed more that afternoon and then Sunday, took a rather large load of boxes to Huynh’s and my bed, got it all set up, then I got to go clean. Fun.

Today, I had to go into work this morning but took off at lunch to go finish up the apartment, pay rent (yup, for 2 days), and got the heck out of there! I am so glad to be saving some serious cash :).

Also this weekend, I got my KINDLE! I refused to let myself get too wrapped up in reading since I had to move but I did get to sneak some in Sunday morning. I LOVE IT. What’s also fun is that a group of four of us got together and decided to share books! So we now only have to buy one copy and all four of us get to read it. Pretty ingenious. It is really awesome and I completely recommend it to any reader — that is any reader that reads at least a couple+++ books a year. So now I am kindlicious!!

Okay, I promised myself that I would unpack a minimum 2 boxes per day so I better get on it. I must say, I got some new bedding and I could just melt. Must. Find. Will-power. To. Get. Out. Of. Bed. And. Unpack.