Monthly Archives: March 2010

i’m an aunt!

Yay! He’s here! My friends, Meagan and Jeremy, welcomed their first son, Sawyer Henry, last Friday. He is cute to boot! Congrats you two!



Gotta love yummy squid shreds! Seriously. Good day.

one up

Even my shuffle is treating me right!

yay today

Five reasons today is already turning out to be a great day:
1. My calculator has new batteries.
2. Opened a new pack of piña colada gum.
3. Received a “world’s best cubicle neighbor” award from John filled with treats.
4. Acheived perfection with my daily cup of Earl Grey tea and Splenda combination.
5. The book I ordered, “14,000 Things To Be Happy About”, shipped!

le sigh

The things I do for TK.

It’s going up on the fridge.


I’m ready to go back…

Cloud Gate, aka “The Bean” — look at the reflection of the city!

Millennium Park’s Crown Fountain

Chicago Theatre

And of course, Michael Jordan.  Sigh.  The stuff I do for these boys.

anna banana

Look at my sweet 4-year old neice, albiet precocious and sassy, ready for school today. Precious!