Monthly Archives: May 2010

too precious

Anna tucked in Madison before she herself tuckered out.

Le sigh.

palm tree

It’s a palm tree; it’s a cooler!

five things…

…that have been making me happy lately:

1. Lindsey’s smile in this picture:

Well… let’s be real.  All of them.  Including the two who aren’t pictured whose birthdays are quickly approaching! STOP GROWING.

2. Revlon’s Grey Suede nail polish

Thanks Google Images.

For those who think it’s not coming out until June, I beg to differ. If I was able to find it at the neighborhood CVS in Richmond, you should be able to find it where you reside. I love that it is a classic, work appropriate color but still has some style.

3. Glee: ‘Safety Dance’. Making me dance in my cubicle since 2010.

4. PW’s new photography assignment “Coming Home”.  Okay maybe not happy. Maybe more tears streaming down the cheeks this morning after viewing Group 1 and a refusal to view Group 2 in the same day. But I love it all the same.

5. My recently acquired herb garden markers. TK and I planted (okay, TK planted and I watched) thyme, oregano, basil, dill, bay laurel, parsley, mint, and catnip cilantro. You would think by now we would know what cilantro looked like enough to be able to differentiate it from catnip. It took the neighborhood felines to let us know there was in fact a difference… sorry about that salsa y’all…