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And number 3 on my list:


Ellen started a new feature on her blog… and well, I love it. She is going to ask an “if” question a day and wants her followers to chime in with our answers too!

Today’s installment:

… you could completely remove someone’s vocal cords for a year, whose would they be?

No one would fully appreciate it if I say my cubicle neighbor at work. BUT LET’S BE REAL. He’s famous for his knowledge of WWII fighter planes — oh he knows everything … its color, speed, time of flights, where they went, who flew it, how old they were, their parent’s names, whether they were married, at what age they started teething, who worked on the planes, what that person’s aunt did for a living — and, even better, his knowledge of birds. Yes, birds. Don’t get me started. It actually pains me to type this. My ears just instinctively start bleeding.

So to be frank, he would be number one on my list. But number two?

Yes. Miley Cyrus. Besides the fact that I picked a horrible picture of her (I’m at work! Everything is blocked), I think that she is cute. I mean, I get it. I get her appeal to younger audiences. I have not once, but more times than I would like to admit, watched Hanna Montana (I was babysitting!). And I possibly drug friends to go see The Last Song (okay that I have no excuse).

But HER VOICE. She sounds like a 50 year-old, smoker, mixed with a nasally lisp.

Actually, one of my favorite Glee episodes (Laryngitis) showcases Rachel singing “The Climb” horribly because she loses her voice. Truth be told, I think that Rachel actually sounds like Miley — even though later Rachel is diagnosed with tonsillitis — but the funniest thing is that Brittney actually enjoys her rendition!

Sidenote: that episode also features Finn singing “Jesse’s Girl” which happens to be my go-to karaoke song. But that’s for another post.

Back to Miley… she’s everywhere. I can’t get away from her voice and I have a sneaking suspicion she will be around for awhile… because just like her dad’s mullet, she can’t be tamed.