oh love, it’s a brittle madness

I love TFK.

Thomas & Sadie

Thomas & Sadie

Okay, okay, a little more… I’m originally from Wichita Falls, Texas… left the big city for Austin to go to UT (Hook ’em!).  I graduated from Texas with a degree in Mechanical Engineering which I now use every day in the city where engineers migrate to – Houston. I am more than ready to move back to Austin but that will happen when the timing is right… Thomas (TFK, TK, Foxy T…) and I were nerds together in college and are keeping the dream alive through late night conversations and weekend rendezvouses… :) I have the best friends a girl can ask for because we’re all a brat pack and we’re always kicking back – can’t wait for the next reunion!  I have the most adorable four legged companion – Sadie –  whom I got in college and was the best mistake I have ever made!  She is perfect except when she’s not… that’s when she’s Thomas’ dog.  I have a fabulous family – count them 5 nephew/nieces! I think that I make a pretty good aunt if I do say so myself.  My Mom and Dad (aka Mimi and Pop) are doing wonderful and loving being grandparents – keeps them young.  My sister and her 3 kiddos (+ my favorite brother-in-law) live in town which I absolutely love.  My brother, favorite sister-in-law and their 2 kiddos live in Amarillo… I don’t get to see them as much but when the chance arises, I love going up there for slumber parties.

I like working (enginerd, I know, who really says that they like doing calculations all day), working out! – running mainly, quitting Dr. Peppers, acting like I can actually quit the Dr. Pepper habit, happy hours, laking it – ahhhh Lake Travis, spooning Sadie… glad she’s a cuddly dog, driving to and from Austin :), Texadelphia Tuesdays, watching Oprah every day when I get home from work, counting down the days until the new Office starts, bumming around in the Jeep, austinhomesearch.com, taking pictures, running with Sadie, Wii Mario Kart, online window shopping, saving up $$ for Italy, making budgets and sticking to them, Apple TV, homemade fried rice, longhorns, Fat TIre beer, red wine on Saturdays, white on Sundays, not cleaning my apartment though it desperately needs it, UT football!!, shopping for furniture, painting, cross-stitching (I’m secretly 80 years old), getting every other Friday off (gotta love 9/80’s), koalaing my Brat Pack girlies :)… oh and Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me!… I’ve become a NPR junkie.  Whoa, embarrassing.

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