little you & i in nyc

Thomas and I headed to NYC to celebrate Christmas ’08!  I have always wanted to see the store windows and it didn’t hurt that La Bohème was also showing at the MET Opera in the Lincoln Center.  It was fabulous and cold but such a great, great trip. I figured that I should post some pictures:

img_0105First, how were we supposed to know that our flight was supposed to land in the middle of a huge snow storm? Needless to say, we were stuck in Chicago for way too long. We look horribly tired…

img_2066That first night, we hit up Saks Fifth Avenue. This window was filled with these awesome rotating snowflakes that were so sparkly… I loved it.  We also saw Lord and Taylor, Bloomingdale’s and my favorite, Macy’s, which was all Horton Hears A Who themed!!

img_0120This tree was at the Natural Science Museum – and those are all origami animals, dinosaurs, bugs, birds, you name it… if it’s related to science, it is on that tree.  It… was… awesome!!

img_0123Central Park!!! It finally stopped snowing (kind of) for us to be able to take a picture. It was so cold!  Like, FREEZING cold. 

Anyone up for going back? … Now? :)

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