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Eeeek!! I am so pumped.



How cute is this cupcake ring from sudlow? Tasty.

when you REALLY appreciate someone

I found a way to tell them how you truly feel.

weekend recap

My weekend, abbreviated.

Watched some UT football. Hook ’em.

Drank a bit of Pumpkin Ale. Hello autumn.

Bought a new burnt orange J. Crew shirt. Let’s be real.


office kitsch

I am loving this globe lamp from drowsySwords… thinking that I need it in my newly redecorated office!

swoon worthy


When I was in church youth group, we used to do random acts of kindness which I loved… even more specifically, once a year we would make a whole day of it! We did everything from taking poinsettias around Christmas to home-bound church members to helping build a habitat house — the idea obviously being the act of putting others before us.

So, when I decided to tackle this bucket list, I decided to make a point to leave my mark on the world by continuing these selfless acts.

Some are directed towards loved ones, others are directed towards those who need love but all, I hope, will leave a lasting impression of my desire to better those around me when, you know, I kick that bucket.

76. Volunteer to be a baby cuddler.

77. Write a letter to everyone whom I love.

78. Compliment a work colleague for their excellence.

79. Send birthday cards.

80. Spend more time with family.

81. Build a Habitat for Humanity house.

82. Go on a mission trip.

83. Visit a nursing home.

84. Donate to charities.

85. Teach conversational English to help combat illiteracy.

86. Tithe.

87. Participate in a fun run.

88. Donate blood/platelets.

89. Volunteer at a food kitchen… Mother Theresa said, “If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.”

90. Donate to Goodwill.

91. Be a loving wife, mom, and daughter.

92. Hug more often.

93. Say “I love you”. And mean it.

94. Plant a tree.

95. Adopt a family at Christmas.

96. Work a telathon.

97. Adopt shelter pets.

98. Buy a pair of TOMS and Warby Parker’s. Let’s be real. Cute.

99. Write notes of appreciation at least once a week.

100. Love unconditionally.

So, who’s with me?