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Eeeek!! I am so pumped.


How cute is this cupcake ring from sudlow? Tasty.

when you REALLY appreciate someone

I found a way to tell them how you truly feel.

weekend recap

My weekend, abbreviated.

Watched some UT football. Hook ’em.

Drank a bit of Pumpkin Ale. Hello autumn.

Bought a new burnt orange J. Crew shirt. Let’s be real.


office kitsch

I am loving this globe lamp from drowsySwords… thinking that I need it in my newly redecorated office!

swoon worthy


When I was in church youth group, we used to do random acts of kindness which I loved… even more specifically, once a year we would make a whole day of it! We did everything from taking poinsettias around Christmas to home-bound church members to helping build a habitat house — the idea obviously being the act of putting others before us.

So, when I decided to tackle this bucket list, I decided to make a point to leave my mark on the world by continuing these selfless acts.

Some are directed towards loved ones, others are directed towards those who need love but all, I hope, will leave a lasting impression of my desire to better those around me when, you know, I kick that bucket.

76. Volunteer to be a baby cuddler.

77. Write a letter to everyone whom I love.

78. Compliment a work colleague for their excellence.

79. Send birthday cards.

80. Spend more time with family.

81. Build a Habitat for Humanity house.

82. Go on a mission trip.

83. Visit a nursing home.

84. Donate to charities.

85. Teach conversational English to help combat illiteracy.

86. Tithe.

87. Participate in a fun run.

88. Donate blood/platelets.

89. Volunteer at a food kitchen… Mother Theresa said, “If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.”

90. Donate to Goodwill.

91. Be a loving wife, mom, and daughter.

92. Hug more often.

93. Say “I love you”. And mean it.

94. Plant a tree.

95. Adopt a family at Christmas.

96. Work a telathon.

97. Adopt shelter pets.

98. Buy a pair of TOMS and Warby Parker’s. Let’s be real. Cute.

99. Write notes of appreciation at least once a week.

100. Love unconditionally.

So, who’s with me?

bucket list, part tres


Okay, really. I don’t know what I was thinking.

I want to do this all… now.

Thanks and hook ’em. (Told you, EKW, that sounds better than “gig’em”… and I can’t believe that thing just made my blog. I have to go wash its mouth out with soap… how very Christmas Story of me.)

So what is personal development? For lack of a better word, and to further delve into why I decided to break up my bucket list into 4 parts, I picked personal development as a way to define what I wanted to do with my life — versus the first 50 which I felt was more what I wanted to do in my life. This list consists of things that I want to do for me to mold me into a better person, to become my better self (okay, Oprah). So, without further ado, personal development!

51. Invent a board game.

52. Do stand-up comedy.

53. Learn to salsa dance.

54. Host Saturday Night Live.

55. Visit a Renaissance fair.

56. Witness a solar eclipse.

57. Run in the Boston marathon.

58. Participate in the Tour de France.

59. Learn karate.

60. Become fluent in a foreign language.

61. Learn conversational Spanish.

62. Learn enough Italian to be able to understand La Boehme.

63. Learn to play the harmonica.

64. Learn to play the piano.

65. Learn to play golf (first bogey this past weekend!)

66. Join the church choir.

67. Appreciate jazz.

68. Build a classical music library.

69. Learn to belly dance.

70. Name a star.

71. Talk to a politician in pig latin.

72. Compose a song.

73. Own a sewing machine and actually use it.

74. Get a motorcycle license.

75. Break a Guinness World Record.

Final 25 on Monday… =)

bucket list, adventure series

Yesterday, I decided to spice things up a bit by creating a list of everything that I wanted to do before I kicked the bucket…

I don’t know what I was thinking.

I have created within myself this itch that can only be scratched by successfully completing all 100 goals on this list… this fun, full, random, LIST… just asking to be checked off. So today, I will continue with the ADVENTURE part of this list, and, upon completion, will start planning my next venture.

‘Cause you only live once.

26. Go SCUBA diving.

27. Go snorkeling in a shipwreck.

28. Swim with sharks.

29. Go white water rafting.

30. Learn to surf.

31. Ride in a hot air balloon.

32. Participate in an impromptu snowball fight with complete strangers.

33. Go paragliding.

34. Go parasailing.

35. Go skydiving.

36. Go on a helicopter ride.

37. Fly in a blimp.

38. Go on a canopy tour. (Done!)

39. Bungee jump.

40. Try indoor skydiving.

41. Try fire walking.

42. Ride a mechanical bull.

43. Ride the 10 largest roller coasters in the world.

44. Fire a pistol.

45. Experience weightlessness.

46. Go rock climbing.

47. Ride in a parade float.

48. Ride a snowmobile.

49. Learn how to do a back flip.

50. Go paintballing.

kicking it old school

It is hella hot outside, y’all. Like, unbearably miserable, can’t even breathe, trying to wipe the sweat off my sweat because every self respecting southerner knows, women don’t sweat. We glisten while we fan ourselves and drink sweet tea outside on the front porch daydreaming about pools and watermelons and the elusive white Christmas that we obviously will never have — well, expect for me last Christmas when I decided to drive home in the aforementioned “white Christmas” snow blizzard and it took 24 hours to get from Houston to Wichita Falls. Le sigh.

But I digress.

Back to the topic at hand. I can daydream all I want about snow but that still does not negate the fact that this southerner is sweating this summer. It’s miserable.

In an effort to stay inside in A/C while keeping my sanity, I have been crazy blog stalking and online not-really-window-because-I-end-up-buying shopping. So the other day, while perusing my daily haunts, it hit me (courtesy of bestie Ellen came up with this idea). I am going to compose my own bucket list!

Nope, never saw the movie.

But the gist is there.

And I get to stay a cool 65°F while composing.

So here we go… I am even stealing (borrowing? Taking out a loan?) her idea to have installments of a sort. Broken down into 4 groups: TRAVEL, ADVENTURE, PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT, and RANDOM ACTS of KINDNESS, I will express my ideas, thoughts, daydreams, and somedays into definable and achievable goals. Some I have already completed (go me!) while others are years away… but all answer the same question: “What do I want to do in life?”

To start, TRAVEL!

1. Ride a gondola in Venice.

2. Swim in the largest swimming pool in the world, off the coast of Chile.

3. Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.

4. Climb Mt. Everest.

5. Ski the Alps.

6. Go to Oktoberfest in Munich.

7. Take a trip on the Orient Express.

8. Visit the North Pole and see Santa’s workshop.

9. Visit the wreckage of the Titanic aboard a submarine.

10. Go to France and learn not only the language that is spoken there, but also study its customs, its cuisine, its art, and its history.

11. Go camping.

12. Reveal as many countries as I can on my scratch map.

13. Travel to Vietnam.

14. Go on a cross-country motorcycle trip.

15. Climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower.

16. Go on an Alaskan cruise.

17. See all of the seven wonders of the medieval world: Stonehenge, Colosseum, Catacombs of Kom el Shoqafa, Great Wall of China, Porcelain Tower of Nanjing, Hagia Sophia, and Leaning Tower of Pisa.

18. Drink a Guinness in Ireland.

19. Visit Tokyo, Japan.

20. Watch a sunset in Oia, Greece on the island of Santorini.

21. Shop in Dubai.

22. See the giraffes — my favorite animal since 3rd grade — and lions on an African safari.

23. Honeymoon in the Maldives.

24. Skinny dip in Bali.

25. Go to Spain for the Tomatina tomato fight and bull run in Pamplona.

ADVENTURE to come tomorrow…