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fashion week

I found I have a slight obsession with following all of the NYC fashion week shows. It consumes my days — you know, when work should be.

I blame Project Runway and my ever slow slight desire to live the fabulous life in NYC (yes, one of my favorite HGTV shows is “Selling New York”).

But what caught my eye today is this lovely color palette from the Diane Von Furstenberg show. I love their heels, the dresses, the patterns… and you know I rock the messy pulled back hair look. The reds! The blues! The oranges!

Le sigh.

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love. them.


Where to start… Nicaragua was an absolutely amazing trip! The scenery was breathtaking. We were picked up from the airport by a driver who knew just where to stop for photo opps. My kind of man. The drive from the airport to the resort was about 40km but took about an hour and a half because of the winding roads through the rainforest. Nicaragua is surprisingly mountainous! The temperature though was perfect… stayed around 70°F with about 80% humidity. It rained every day but only for about an hour and felt completely normal. Didn’t hamper anything!

Note to Becky: you will get carsick. Because by “winding road” I mean, winding, pot holey, driver going 55mph only to slam on his brakes and swerve to miss a horse in the road all while making a 90° turn down a hill. THAT kind of winding carsick. Forewarned.

Not letting an upside down stomach get in our way, we got to the resort, checked in, and were immediately served the national beer, Tona. It was actually really good. You could find it anywhere… and only for C$20, or yea, $0.93. That’s right. One beer. Less than a dollar. Summarizes our trip. We then boarded a tram — used loosely as it was just carts pulled by a tractor — to take us to our bungalow.

Then, we immediately hit the beach! Dipped my toes in the Pacific and called it a day. It’s amazing what an ocean can do to your soul.

Roomie picture!

On our way back to the bungalow, we passed by this bird cage that had a toucan and parrots. Moment captured.

Say hello, toucan sam.

Stacey had a problem of lying in every single hammock we came to. Even in bungalows that weren’t ours. She also had a problem with falling OUT of hammocks… but that’s another story. On Monday, she ended up giving in and just buying one to bring back home.

Loco gringa.

We got situated then, and called it a night.

The next day… walking to meet the driver!

We ended up calling the same driver that drove us to the resort from the airport since he did such a good job pointing out all of the sights. We figured that he would know the other places to go too! And we were right… He took us to do a canopy tour through the rainforest!

All harnessed up.


Me and my big head with the biggest helmet.

Pretty sure I was laughed at.

Actually, I know I was.

Cabeza grande.


Nancy-boy John was scared and ended up braking too much in the middle of one of the runs and had to pull his way to one of the platforms. Haaaa.

Then we hiked the crater of an active volcano! This trail was formed naturally. We had a really good tour guide — one of the only people we came across that spoke English — yes, that means our driver spoke no English. Thank you junior high Spanish class for teaching me basic words! But back to our tour guide, he pointed out all of the local vegetation, took us to all of these amazing look out points — and of course, took a ton of pictures for us. Love. It.

View of the crater. We were at an altitude of ~1300m so just high enough to see the clouds roll in. So views like these were captured quickly!

After the hike, our driver drove us into Grenada to his favorite restaurant on a lake. We ordered a couple of dishes that he recommended and since one took 20 minutes to prepare, we went on a boat ride! The lake is huge and has a ton of islands that people live on so all of the restaurants have boat parking — and many of the restaurants have boats that will come and pick you up. So we hoped on it and they first drove (boated?) us to this tree that had these banana looking plants on them… so he stopped and picked two for us girls to hold. Then performed “magic” and it ended up opening up into a really pretty flower!

Then took us to this other island inhabited by monkeys… one named Lucy and another named Junior. The drivers just whistle and the monkeys will come up to the boats and climb right in!

Lucy jumped on the boat, ate a banana… then patted me on the back and proceeded to climb on me! Awesome.

Then my camera died.

Sad day.

Soooooo then… we boated back to the restaurant where we dined on some delicious, couldn’t even tell you what it was, food. Pretty sure Huynh ate a fish eyeball and our driver called him “crazy Asian” in Spanish. YUM O. Left there and headed to this little town called Catarina that had a beautiful view of the lake and a cute little market place where we stocked up on touristy fare. Made yet another treacherous ride back to the resort where we hit up the casino and watched a variety show put on by the resort. Hilarious.

Crashed that night for our 7am flight… which we nearly missed.

Maybe on purpose.

camp mimi and pop

Photo credit unknown.

I know, right.

it’s a beaver!

L’s smile. Gets me every time.

totally. doing. this.

Let’s be real.

How adorable are these tins filled with magnet scrabble letters? I love the idea of using them for wedding favors! So simple, chic, and sentimental. I think that I am even going to steal the quote… “some parting words of love”. Love.