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ready to play


pretty girl

Even Sadie is excited that it’s Jeep weather!


I just read Meg’s blog from her weekend and I just thought MY weekend was full. Geez. Lemme see…

To start, I moved! I now live in the ‘burbs, super close to work. It’s very three’s company with me being the odd one out but I am so excited! It is so nice to not only be close to work but also in a house with a backyard for Sadie to frolic in. It took me nearly all week to get everything out of the old apartment — plus Thomas, Huynh (new roomie!), and two movers — which brings me to this past weekend.

No apparently I do no take stress well. I think Thomas and I fought the most this weekend than we ever have in the past 3 years. But, come on! Definitely a test of my patience. I just don’t understand why I have to be the one that makes decisions. Just pick up a box, pack, tape, and move. I don’t care how or what… it all has to come with me anyways. So just get it done! Ahhhhh.

So, I packed and packed just in time for Saturday morning when the movers got there! I mainly had them do all of my furniture — except my bed — and take it to storage. 2 guys, 3 hours, and $275 later, I came to the conclusion it was COMPLETELY worth it! We packed more that afternoon and then Sunday, took a rather large load of boxes to Huynh’s and my bed, got it all set up, then I got to go clean. Fun.

Today, I had to go into work this morning but took off at lunch to go finish up the apartment, pay rent (yup, for 2 days), and got the heck out of there! I am so glad to be saving some serious cash :).

Also this weekend, I got my KINDLE! I refused to let myself get too wrapped up in reading since I had to move but I did get to sneak some in Sunday morning. I LOVE IT. What’s also fun is that a group of four of us got together and decided to share books! So we now only have to buy one copy and all four of us get to read it. Pretty ingenious. It is really awesome and I completely recommend it to any reader — that is any reader that reads at least a couple+++ books a year. So now I am kindlicious!!

Okay, I promised myself that I would unpack a minimum 2 boxes per day so I better get on it. I must say, I got some new bedding and I could just melt. Must. Find. Will-power. To. Get. Out. Of. Bed. And. Unpack.

new look

Well, I changed my headline photo bar — I’m thinking that this one will stay so I thought that I would provide a caption (from L to R):

1: Me, Becky, Meg, & Pam – We surprised Becky, well, pre-planned surprised, for her 26th birthday. 

2: Adi & Me – It was definitely NYC and I think that it was the first time we went up there to see her.

3: My Mom & Me – Obligatory subway platform picture in NYC taken Thanksgiving 2008.

4: Thomas & Me – O’Hare Int’l Airport, waiting and waiting for the plane to arrive.

5: My sister, Stephanie & Me – Also taken in NYC (I go way too often!) on the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty.

6: Sadie! – New Year’s Eve, wearing some leis.  

7: My Dad and Me: Empire State Building, Thanksgiving 2008. I obviously need to bust out the camera at other family events.

8: Thomas and Me: Jimmy Buffett concert, we try to make it every year. If you haven’t gone to see him, I don’t care if you really aren’t even a fan, it’s an experience unlike any other!

That reminds me… Jimmy tickets go on sale tomorrow!!

what sadie needs

I guess I need to put my engineering degree to use!

nye ’09

New Year’s Eve… can I say more.  I’m not so sure what Ellen is doing… Yes, Sadie wore both of those lei’s the entire night (such a festive puppy!!)… and that is Thomas and I at the end of the night… yikes. 

We had a great time!  We hung out at the lake house which was FABULOUS — though not so fabulous the next dayyyy.  Yikes, again.  The ribs at the end of the day helped :).

new camera!!

Yay for a new camera!! I guess Sadie thought my flash was a little bright…